Fortunate error

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Yesterday was Labor Day, and Amanda was looking for things to do with the kids while I worked basically as normal (really everyday is a holiday working from home, so most of us don’t usually take holidays off).
She thought about taking them to “Tumble bums” (an indoor paid playground) in Langford. So she looked up online whether they were open Labour day and it said they weren’t. So she made other plans (went shopping with her sister Samantha in duncan.)
Later on we heard that there was an RV that flipped over on the malahat and it was closed for 4 hours. (Traffic would have been bad to begin with.) What’s worse with the malahat is that there’s no way around it, and once you’re stuck they have deviders so you can’t turn around.
We also later learned that it turned out Tumblebums was open, just their website was wrong.
So had it not been for Tumblebums’ website’s mistake, Amanda would have gone but then been stuck on the malahat for 4 hours with the 3 year old and 7 month old (the latter has perfected her “I’m dying! I swear this time, I really am dying!!!” blood curdling cry, which drives Amanda especially crazy).
About a year ago we got stuck on the malahat for an hour, with just one child and us two parents, and just that was horrible. Had Amanda gotten stuck this Labour day, she probably wouldn’t have left the house for a month.
So maybe you just see that as a coincidence. I see that as a “tender mercy” from our Heavely Father.

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