Celeste’s new words

7 minute read This cover photo is Celeste doing the dishes for the first time, at 23 months old. She was pretty good but soon was just playing, of course. Early December 2017 “Nellie” Her name for Danielle. Dec 14 2017 “Not sleeping!” While driving back from preschool. I was telling Danielle we might take a detour driving […]

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Gratitude Journal April 2018

5 minute read Here’s my updated thoughts on a few things that I’m grateful for: Healthy “Munchies” (“Munchies” are how Amanda and I refer to our children. I don’t think anyone else uses that word. It originated from how “munchy” they were as babies and has stuck ever since.) Our 4-year-old and 2-year-old girls are healthy and usually […]

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