June 9th Thoughts from Church

2 minute read Just sharing some of my thoughts I had at Church today. Charity isn’t Just Doing a Few Nice Things Parker Schmidt has a companion with whom he didn’t get along very well. So he tried to be charitable. He cooked him breakfast, ironed his shirts, did lots of nice things. But it didn’t seem to […]

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Ways to Help People Without Actually Doing Anything (and Why They’re Actually Better)

3 minute read When we think of ways to help or serve others, we tend to narrowly think of only physical service: giving someone money, helping mow a lawn, or volunteering at a soup kitchen. But physical service is only one of many ways to help others. There are so many other important ways to serve, and if […]

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Gratitude Journal October 2018

2 minute read To be honest, it’s feeling like a bit of a stretch to think of what I’m grateful for right now. But that’s totally a result of being lazy about counting my many, many blessings, not because I have nothing to be grateful for. The idea to keep a gratitude journal. Otherwise, I simply don’t take […]

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The Wise Man and the Foolish Man

< 1 minute read Here’s a little visual I used today in Sunday school for the 5 year olds. This helped them to visualize what Jesus meant when he said; “…a foolish man built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: […]

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“Truth Fairy” Primary Lesson

3 minute read Today at Church, we had a pretty fun Sunday School lesson for the 4 year olds. The topic was “Always Tell the Truth“. Here’s more-or-less how it went down: “Have you kids ever heard of ‘the Truth Fairy’? Not the Tooth Fairy (ask your parents about that), the ‘Truth Fairy’. No? Well, today we’re going […]

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Gratitude Journal July 2018

4 minute read Going on vacation next week when my monthly reminder to do this will probably go off, so I figured I’d do this now. What am I grateful for now… let’s see… Good Experience Today in Sunday School with My Class of 5 Year Olds I’m co-teaching the 5 year olds at church for an hour […]

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Gratitude Journal, May 2018

4 minute read Things I’m grateful for. Amanda (again) I find being a father very fulfilling and satisfying, and so I need to repeat that I’m grateful for my wife Amanda. Before going through the roller coaster of parenthood (which I realize is still starting), I thought the sacrifice of mothers mostly focused on labour and giving birth. […]

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Gratitude Journal April 2018

5 minute read Here’s my updated thoughts on a few things that I’m grateful for: Healthy “Munchies” (“Munchies” are how Amanda and I refer to our children. I don’t think anyone else uses that word. It originated from how “munchy” they were as babies and has stuck ever since.) Our 4-year-old and 2-year-old girls are healthy and usually […]

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