This is my blog. It’s mostly my public journal. It’ll probably have stuff from all aspects of my life: family, work, church, and whatever else. I assume most people who know me won’t be really interested in all of it (eg folks who don’t share my religious beliefs will probably find religious posts preachy, and I’m pretty sure everyone will find my technical posts boring). Just read the parts that interest you.
Anyways, um, hi I’m mike. I’m lucky husband to Amanda and have 2 cute little girls. We live in Shawmigan Lake. I do computer programming work from home, pretty well just with eventespresso.com and earlychildhoodeducator.com. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and pretty involved there.
My hobbies include family history technology (checkout deadeasyfamilyhistory.org) and all-u-can-eats. I dunno, my wife Amanda is the fun one.