Gratitude Journal February 2020

2 minute read Digging Saturday’s I end up usually digging around our property: Holes for planting blueberry bushes in Holes for planting mulberry trees in Holes for fence posts Digging out invasive blackberries Digging up compost and putting it into the garden Digging up pine needles I really rather enjoy something monotonous and physical after coding and looking […]

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Gratitude Journal November 2019

< 1 minute read Things that come to mind… Pillows. I suppose I haven’t always had pillows. While on my mission in Mexico, in a few areas I was too cheap to have a pillow, so just rolled up some clothes into a ball and used that. Tomorrow being Remembrance Day, it’s appropriate to be grateful for people who’ve […]

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Gratitude Journal July 2019

2 minute read Things that come to mind. Parksville Trip The cover photo is from our recent trip to parksville. Great beach (with unreal tide that goes out for almost a kilometer), great playground for kids, food trucks, fun center, paddle boarding and Chinese all you can eat, etc. All in walking distance from the hotel. Just great. […]

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