How I Got All A's on

2 minute read I heard about during my most recent WordCamp. It’s a service for analyzing your website’s performance. From what I can tell, it’s completely supported by sponsors, so it’s free to use. I ran my WordPress meetup’s site (which, obviously, runs on WordPress) through its analysis, and initially got C grades or so. Not fabulous. […]

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Our favourite textures

< 1 minute read Today Amanda and I had an interesting discussion I thought merited recording: what are our favourite feeling textures? Here’s the results… Amanda slightly oily scrambled egg (in her mouth, not hands) melting ice Mike Baby cheeks 90s slightly grippy, computer keyboards Nintendo 64 controller The meshy padding at the bottom of some backpacks Don’t Like […]

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My 1/3 of a hundred birthday

2 minute read Yesterday I turned 33. I have to write it down otherwise I forget! Special things that happened: The night before, my brother Phil and I played StarCraft 2 for an hour. We were the slobbering aliens attacking humans Finished watching “Ant man and the wasp” with Amanda too. We enjoyed when they gave one guy […]

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Gratitude Journal February 2019

2 minute read New baby Elise. She arrived just over two weeks ago. She had a bit of jaundice, but is doing well now. Healthy little baby! I’m currently enjoying a baby snuggle while typing this out Midwives Jane and Talia. It was really nice to have them checking in and taking care of her. They’ve done a […]

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