The Digital Dark Age & Your Blog

5 minute read We are living in the digital dark age. Wikipedia says: the digital dark age is a lack of historical information in the digital age as a direct result of outdated file formats, software, or hardware that becomes corrupt, scarce, or inaccessible as technologies evolve and data decays. Another way to say that: did you think […]

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I'm 1000th part Mi'kmaq!

< 1 minute read I stumbled on an interesting relation this last week: I’m about 1000th part Mi’kmaq! (Assuming the information in‘s family tree is correct). My 10th-great-grandfather, on Mom’s side, is Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac, whose picture is attached. Here’s the wikipedia article about his dad: They both lived around Acadia, present day Nova Scotia. […]

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