Chop Suey Recipe

< 1 minute read I mostly followed this recipe: Except I added a can of water chestnuts and a can of baby corn. I bought some BBQ pork from Chinatown today so didn’t bother adding the pork, instead had it meatless and had the meat on the side. Had it two cups of rice. It was pretty popular.

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Corn bread recipe

< 1 minute read We enjoyed this corn bread recipe, and it’s easy. Obviously goes well with chilli (onions, garlic, mushroom, beef, maybe some TVP, canned diced tomatoes, tomato pasta, chilli powder, salt, and the secret ingredients: a little cocoa and brown sugar.)

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Pumpkin Cookies

< 1 minute read We grew some awesome pumpkins this last year so I’m always on the hunt for interesting ways to use them. These cookies were soft and sweet and were pretty easy.

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Trampoline Championship Wrestling

3 minute read Here is Phil. Here is James. They are wrestling. They are enemies! What?! Surprise! Here is Ben. Here is Michael. Ben and Michael are friends. Now, Phil and James are friends. James and Michael are enemies. James will win! Michael needs help. Ben will win. James needs help! What?! Surprise! Now, Ben and Michael are […]

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Costco Shepherds Pie Recipe

< 1 minute read This recipe is based off one from Pinterest, which was based off Costco’s shepherds pie. Ingredients: Beer mixture: Other stuff: Cook all the beef mixture together with some oil or butter. Probably should cook garlic first for a minute until it starts to brown. Put in the beef mixture, then corn and peas, then mashed […]

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