What I like about my Work

4 minute read My last post was kinda a complaint about how tasks have sometimes been assigned to me at work. (Of course at church, where I’m currently serving as “elders quorum president” I’m kinda in the position of assigning tasks, and frankly I kinda stink at it. I’m so conscientious that I might offend someone somehow that […]

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Meditation course notes 1

2 minute read Amanda and I are listening to “the great courses”, and the current course is “practicing mindfulness: an introduction to meditation”. I’m only 3 lectures into it, but here are my initial thoughts and notes: meditation is not what you think all religions use meditation to some degree (although Buddhism is certainly the most prevalent), but […]

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Humility thoughts

< 1 minute read Today at church, someone gave a talk about humility which got me thinking.Humility, at the type we are encouraged to have, is not timidity, lack of confidence, or false modesty. I think as a youth, I was shy, timid, and probably had a lack of confidence. I’m not sure how I became like that. Maybe […]

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Fortunate error

< 1 minute read Yesterday was Labor Day, and Amanda was looking for things to do with the kids while I worked basically as normal (really everyday is a holiday working from home, so most of us don’t usually take holidays off). She thought about taking them to “Tumble bums” (an indoor paid playground) in Langford. So she looked […]

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Church lesson that inspired this blog

2 minute read At church today, I gave a lesson in Elders Quorum, mostly based off President Eyring’s talk “O Remember, Remember” from October 2007 general conference. After we read a bit of his talk (especially the part that reads “…I heard in my mind ‘I’m not giving you these experiences for yourself. Write them down’…find ways to […]

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Two kinds of Infinity

2 minute read At the recent WordCamp I attended, one of the speakers mentioned how when you’re working on your own website or software, you’re never “done.” There’s always some way to improve it (also, there’s always some new bug you never noticed before, and some integration that makes a change that breaks it.) And that sounds about […]

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