Humility thoughts

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Today at church, someone gave a talk about humility which got me thinking.Humility, at the type we are encouraged to have, is not timidity, lack of confidence, or false modesty.
I think as a youth, I was shy, timid, and probably had a lack of confidence. I’m not sure how I became like that. Maybe because I started to need glasses and was unable to read small or far away text in grade two was a factor. Or going to a brand new school and not really having any friends in grade 3. Anyways. I was sometimes told “you’re so humble” I’m an effort to compliment me and encourage me. So it was nice in that respect, but it continued the false conception of humility. (That and the fact humility is commonly used synonymously with timidity,l and weakness). Maybe another word would better: being able to attribute our skills and blessings to God, and having confidence in Him and through Him.

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