Gratitude Journal March 2019

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Ok, gratitude listicle!

  • Job at Event Espresso. I’ve been learning a lot over the years, been involved in interesting projects, had friendly coworkers, open-minded and humble bosses, given time to study, experiment and contribute to other open source projects.
  • Family close by. Amanda’s parents are 8 minutes away, her sister Sam only 30 seconds away. My parents are an hour drive, and sister Myriam an hour also. (Other family is 3 hour drive, 5 hour drive, and 2 hour flight). Certainly not the other side of the planet, which was the case for my immigrant parents.
  • Healthcare. From what I hear a baby is very expensive if you need to pay for all the bills yourself. And even that is still better than what they did 100 years ago (which was just suffer)
  • Starcraft 2 game nights. My brothers Ben, Phil, and grade school friend Patrick, have been having weekly games online. We catch up a little, and interact, whereas otherwise we’d probably only interact every six months or so.

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