Gratitude Journal November 2019

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Things that come to mind…

  • Pillows. I suppose I haven’t always had pillows. While on my mission in Mexico, in a few areas I was too cheap to have a pillow, so just rolled up some clothes into a ball and used that.
  • Tomorrow being Remembrance Day, it’s appropriate to be grateful for people who’ve risked their lives for freedom. My Grandpa Ficquet was captured a few times in World War 2.
  • A related item: peace and freedom. I’m really sure how to embellish that point.
  • The atmosphere. Apparently if it were thinner we’d all get cooked.
  • Hobby projects. I seem to always have something to day-dream about. I enjoy having ideas and making them happy.
  • Come Follow Me manual at church
  • Children’s primary presentation today at church. Danielle spoke at it. She was asked to say one way Jesus showed love. This is what she said…

So, I’m also grateful for everyone who put the primary presentation together. I thought it was excellent.

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