May 2019 Gratitude Journal

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List of stuff I’m grateful for, in no particular order:

  • Although baby Elise has been getting up a lot at nighttime for the last week or two (like about every hour and a half), I feel surprisingly functional. (Yesterday was possibly an exception, after she did that and was then awake from 5-7 and refusing to stay asleep for longer than a minute when I’d put her down)
  • James Greenwood helped me teach the 5 year olds Sunday school today (my usual co-teacher, Curtis Bachelder, was sick). They were mostly impeccably well-behaved and we had fun.
  • A&W is going pretty “hippy-dippy”, making everything recyclable, and having good fake-meat burgers. I’m not militant about recycling or vegetarianism, but appreciate both so long as they’re fairly convenient.
  • I’ve enjoyed working on Print My Blog in my “spare” time. It’s not profitable at all, but I get satisfaction out of helping people preserve their blog’s stories, and I enjoy being involved in all aspects of its development (as opposed to just programming)

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