Gratitude Journal February 2019

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  • New baby Elise. She arrived just over two weeks ago. She had a bit of jaundice, but is doing well now. Healthy little baby! I’m currently enjoying a baby snuggle while typing this out
  • Midwives Jane and Talia. It was really nice to have them checking in and taking care of her. They’ve done a lot more than just help the baby be born. Sometimes they just get together with Amanda to basically shoot the breeze and catch up. I appreciate their wholistic approach to care.
  • I’ve been enjoying working on my own WordPress plugin in my “spare” time (technically because I work from home and can choose any hours I want, I can always be working and don’t really have spare time… but I choose to have time where I do something different.) The plugin’s purpose is to help blog owners to preserve their blog for future generations by easily and freely creating a paper or PDF copy of their blog. Plus I enjoy getting stuff done, and you can get a lot done when you don’t need to check with anyone else, and I’m trying a style of development I’m calling “lazy development”. It’s where I don’t add any features or optimise anything until users have specifically requested it, and even then I only add them in the quickest way possible. It avoids a lot of wasted time on unused features, and helps me focus on the big picture instead of infinite details.
  • Also regarding my plugin, ‘m grateful for the help I’ve gotten in testing and creating awareness of it. My WordPress meetup buddies Donna and Jason have been especially helpful.
  • Allister Sewell helped teach my Sunday school class today while the other teacher, Curtis Bachelder, was home with a sick kid (by the way, so far we’ve escaped whatever illness has been going around, which is especially nice for baby Elise). We taught the kids about baptism, and even pretended acting it out. I think the kids had a good time and learned the lesson’s material pretty well.
  • Shawnigan Alliance Preschool, which Celeste started attending last month. The instructors, Rita, Shelley and Sue really do love the children. They had a pretend trip to Japan last week. Even Danielle was envious of it.
  • Lastly, this toy rat from preschool. All the children love it. Only heaven knows why.

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