Trampoline Championship Wrestling

3 minute read Here is Phil. Here is James. They are wrestling. They are enemies! What?! Surprise! Here is Ben. Here is Michael. Ben and Michael are friends. Now, Phil and James are friends. James and Michael are enemies. James will win! Michael needs help. Ben will win. James needs help! What?! Surprise! Now, Ben and Michael are […]

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Costco Shepherds Pie Recipe

< 1 minute read This recipe is based off one from Pinterest, which was based off Costco’s shepherds pie. Ingredients: Beer mixture: Other stuff: Cook all the beef mixture together with some oil or butter. Probably should cook garlic first for a minute until it starts to brown. Put in the beef mixture, then corn and peas, then mashed […]

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Hawaiian Haystacks Recipe

< 1 minute read Inspired by Ingredients: 2-3 chicken breasts,cut into 1 inch cubes Can of mushroom soup and milk (or, if you’re fancy, make yourself a roux) 1 clove of garlic 1 chicken bouillon cube 4 cups rice or so Can of pineapples 1 bell pepper, cut up onto 1 inch cubes A handful of cherry tomatoes […]

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Pumpkin Gnocchi

< 1 minute read Big hit this recipe: I usually double it, use cottage cheese instead of ricotta (because we just have it in hand more often), and use half mozzarella instead of Parmesan which makes it more creamy. Do it with a side of green salad (usually balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and some salt on lettuce) and […]

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Argentinian Empanadas

< 1 minute read This week’s universal Yums box focused on South America, so I decided to try something South American for dinner. I don’t know a lot of South American food, except ceviche, chimichurri, and empanadas. So I tried the last one. I based it off this recipe: The filling was a bit bland for me, so […]

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Korean Lettuce Wraps (“Bulgogi”)

< 1 minute read This was recommended to me as a way to use up kimchi. It’s very similar to Korean tacos, but the flavor reminded me more of a Korean bbq. Here’s the recipe: I adjusted a little: Replaced “gochujang” with Thai red chili paste (it sounds like the same thing) Doubled the recipe to feed a […]

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