Is Twitter dead?

< 1 minute read Twitter, the online phenomenon which was once growing at the fabulous rate of 900% per year, has seemingly reached a peak of popularity and hasn’t surpassed its July 2009 highs. What happened? Is it already old technology, obsolete and destined to become junk in a landfill somewhere? Don’t jump to that conclusion just yet. I […]

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Is this the face of a nerd?

< 1 minute read Computer Science is not just for nerds! Why do we all have that impression? Just look at my photo on the top of the screen —am I a nerd? (I hope you’re not hesitating, wondering how to respond.) Obviously not! During my first year at university, I was surprised to find a girl I knew […]

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France vs. Microsoft

< 1 minute read January 15, 2010, the French government officially advised its citizens to not use Microsoft Internet Explorer. The reason the government stepped outside of its usual bounds is Internet Explorer 6 has a bug which allows remote execution of malicious code. Despite this reasoning, the government is probably not solely looking out for its citizens’ protection, […]

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first blog entry

< 1 minute read Here’s my first blog entry. I was tempted to try WordPress, but I don’t want to have to install anything (I bet it has more functionality, but this is so much simpler to just do it from the web-browser. Once again, the product that encourages laziness wins.)

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