France vs. Microsoft

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January 15, 2010, the French government officially advised its citizens to not use Microsoft Internet Explorer. The reason the government stepped outside of its usual bounds is Internet Explorer 6 has a bug which allows remote execution of malicious code. Despite this reasoning, the government is probably not solely looking out for its citizens’ protection, or else it would have only discouraged using version 6, which has the bug, instead of all versions. It’s like the Canadian government discouraging its citizens from buying Fords, or wearing Levi’s. It just seems weird, but not entirely out of character for the French government. My mom, who is French, says they banned peanut butter 20 years ago because of “high cholesterol content.” So the Fifth Republic has angered the peanut butter guys, the Microsoft guys, most Americans since 2001, and actually most of its own citizens (as shown by their annual strikes on most public services). So I’m pretty sure we have another French Revolution in the oven.

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