Times I’ve Felt Really Happy

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At church I’m now called to team-teach Sunday school to the four year olds. (We’ll see how this goes! But I see they’re mostly really surprisingly good kids, and I’m mostly a big kid, and the other teacher is mature, so we should be fine). Part of the first lesson said to mention times I was really happy, so I got thinking and listing, and thought I may as well record it here.
Times I’ve felt really happy
-getting donkey Kong country and nhl 95 for Super Nintendo
-getting contra 3 for Super Nintendo
-getting battle tech toys
-getting a new beast wars toy that my mom had stashed away
-remembering good times with BYU roommates (the times themselves were a bit stressful with studies and nerve racking with possibly hundreds of first dates)
-Missionary Training Center singing “praise to the man”
-going on Nanaimo road trips with Ben Cyr
-EFY with cousin John broucke (basically a type of Bible Camp)
-testimony meetings at the end of all youth conferences (other Bible Camps)
-French toast breakfasts at the Sandersons for early morning seminary
-Celeste and Amanda doing well after birth (it was pretty intense)
-ditto Danielle (not quite as much as with Celeste because I was a lot more nervous about what to do with a newborn)
-wedding day (couldn’t stop having a moronic grin all day long)
-Skype chats with Amanda while we were dating
-visits with Amanda while dating in Utah or back home
-getting text messages from Amanda while dating
-getting cookies in the mail, and a magical Leopluradon cake from Amanda
-released from being elders quorum president (a big mixed too tbh)… I was pretty relieved; but it was good for me
-going back to my mission to find families still active
-Saunders family road trips and kids are asleep (otherwise I’m nervous!)
-riding carousel with kids
-playing with kids
-West Edmonton mall with kids and as a kid
-visiting the temple
-WordCamp Seattle when meeting folks (although also nervous) and giving a fairly successful presentation
-completing making something cool at Event Espresso (this is when I first finish development and hand off for testing; not actual shipping, at which point there is usually a long tail of hearing about and hunting down bugs etc).
-last Sunday on mission in a ward with investigators present and recent converts there too,and a sense of relief (because it had been work)
-Celeste telling a knock knock joke, or pretty well any new work or phrase
-date nights with Amanda going to the keg or me mikes and then a movie
-video game birthday parties with friends or brothers
…I’ll add more as I think of them and it’s not 2am…
But reflecting on it, I realize I’ve often been happy because I got something or things were going well. Sometimes it was actually “excitement” (eg, when I got a new video game as a child).
I think “contentment” is probably more what I should be looking for- that feeling that, regardless of whether things are going as I’d like or not, let’s me know I’m on the right track. Maybe a better word for it would be a clear conscience. I think it’s much easier to have these small happy moments when you overall have a clear conscience.
Anyways, my understanding of happiness, like this post, is a work in progress.

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