N-Zero-Alpha discovers Feelings

4 minute read This is a story my girls and I did. It’s meant to teach kids to perceive others’ feelings and deal with them. N-Zero-Alpha is a robot with a big job. He’s flying a spaceship full of animals to a distant star, and his friend robot, Buster, isn’t working anymore. Monkey says the animals are worried […]

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Penpals Explanation of PHP/cURL/openSSL/TLS/SSL/PayPal Handshake Issues

5 minute read Today I spent a few hours wrapping my head around an issue where some websites weren’t able to connect properly to PayPal.com. I found it pretty tricky to understand because it involved quite a few technologies and programs: PHP: a programming language, and a program to interpret lines of code written in that programming language […]

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Short Story: Double Dream

3 minute read I’ve had this idea for a short story since I was probably in middle school. It’s maybe a bit weirder than I’d like. Enjoy! My life is a dream within a dream. One dream happens again and again; the other one never ends. In the first dream, I’m in a hospital, sitting, staring at a […]

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