Trampoline Championship Wrestling

3 minute read Here is Phil. Here is James. They are wrestling. They are enemies! What?! Surprise! Here is Ben. Here is Michael. Ben and Michael are friends. Now, Phil and James are friends. James and Michael are enemies. James will win! Michael needs help. Ben will win. James needs help! What?! Surprise! Now, Ben and Michael are […]

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N-Zero-Alpha discovers Feelings

4 minute read This is a story my girls and I did. It’s meant to teach kids to perceive others’ feelings and deal with them. N-Zero-Alpha is a robot with a big job. He’s flying a spaceship full of animals to a distant star, and his friend robot, Buster, isn’t working anymore. Monkey says the animals are worried […]

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Penpals Explanation of PHP/cURL/openSSL/TLS/SSL/PayPal Handshake Issues

5 minute read Today I spent a few hours wrapping my head around an issue where some websites weren’t able to connect properly to I found it pretty tricky to understand because it involved quite a few technologies and programs: PHP: a programming language, and a program to interpret lines of code written in that programming language […]

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Short Story: Double Dream

3 minute read I’ve had this idea for a short story since I was probably in middle school. It’s maybe a bit weirder than I’d like. Enjoy! My life is a dream within a dream. One dream happens again and again; the other one never ends. In the first dream, I’m in a hospital, sitting, staring at a […]

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