N-Zero-Alpha discovers Feelings

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This is a story my girls and I did. It’s meant to teach kids to perceive others’ feelings and deal with them.

N-Zero-Alpha is a robot with a big job. He’s flying a spaceship full of animals to a distant star, and his friend robot, Buster, isn’t working anymore.

Monkey says the animals are worried they wont make it. What should N-Zero-Alpha do to help the animals?

N-Zero-Alpha asks them why they’re worried. They’re afraid N-Zero-Alpha can’t take care of them all by himself. He tells them not to worry, he can take care of them.

N-Zero-Alpha hears Lion roaring and trying to eat Zebra. What should N-Zero-Alpha do to help them get along?

He gives Lion some food to eat. He was hungry. Then they get along just fine.

N-Zero-Alpha visits the birds. Eagle looks upset. It is very noisy in their room.

What should N-Zero-Alpha do to help Eagle?

N-Zero-Alpha asks the little birds to squawk elsewhere, and give Eagle some quiet. He relaxes for a bit, and is then ready to keep playing.

N-Zero-Alpha finds a sheep all by itself. It looks sad.

What can N-Zero-Alpha do to help the sheep?

N-Zero-Alpha puts the sheep in with her friends. She’s not lonely anymore.

Next, N-Zero-Alpha finds Owl upset, even though her friends are doing their best to help her have fun. Why is Owl upset?

N-Zero-Alpha helps Owl go to sleep, as she isn’t used to being awake at this time.

After a good sleep, she feels much better.

N-Zero-Alpha finds Snail is upset while Cheetah is running around quickly. How can N-Zero-Alpha help Snail to be happy?

N-Zero-Alpha asks Cheetah to slow down and wait for snail. Snail starts to feel better and have fun with Cheetah.

N-Zero-Alpha finds Pig is very dirty and sad, but the ducks are clean and laughing.

How can N-Zero-Alpha help them all to get have fun together?

The ducks think it’s funny that Pig is so dirty.

N-Zero-Alpha suggests they could all splash in the mud together, then clean off in the water. They have fun.

N-Zero-Alpha finds a dolphin playing with some seaweed, but the other dolphins want to play with it too.

How can N-Zero-Alpha keep them all happy?

N-Zero-Alpha lets the first dolphin finish playing with the seaweed. Then it wants to share with its friends and they all have fun.

Finally, N-Zero-Alpha returns to the bridge. He is very surprised to see Monkey has fixed his friend Buster!

N-Zero-Alpha had worked very, very hard to fix Buster for a long, long time.

But Monkey fixed Buster in no time.

Somehow, that made N-Zero-Alpha feel sad.

What can Buster and Monkey do to help their friend?

N-Zero-Alpha felt jealous that Monkey did something he couldn’t, but his friends helped him focus on the positive.

Buster reminded N-Zero-Alpha that he was fixed, and that’s what really mattered. Monkey reminded him he did a great job of keeping the animals safe, too.

N-Zero-Alpha felt happy that Buster was fixed, that Monkey was a good helper, and that he had led them through that tough time.

Together, they arrived safely at the distant star.

The End

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