Primary Lesson: We chose to follow Jesus Christ

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Here’s another lesson for the 4 year olds. I’m not sure if the actually material sunk in too well, but there were some fun parts and I think they kinda learned something.
Picture of pre earth life
iPad with pre earth life video
Pearl of great price
Crayons and paper
Time machine, visit:
-when the children were born
-when they’re parents were married
-when the pioneers crossed the plains- help them push!
-when jesus taught the children
-when Moses was telling pharaoh to let his people go, and there were the 12 plagues. Oh no! There’s so many frogs! Everyone wiggle all the frogs off!
-when Noah was gathering all the animals- let’s help him gather all the animals into the ark!
-when god created the earth and then put Adam and Eve in the garden of eden. Ok let’s help them tend the garden! (Prune the trees, pick fruit, pick flowers)
-is that as far back as we can go? Let’s go back to before the earth was made.
Where did we live before we came to earth?
Whom did we live with in heaven?
What makes us all brothers and sisters? (We are all children of Heavenly
Picture 2-4 pre-earth life
Imagine what it was like. Did your great-grandma live there? Why don’t you go say hi! Give her a hug!
Isn’t it great here? No sickness. No conflict. And we even get to be with Heavenly Father and Jesus.
Optional: draw a picture of themselves before this life in heaven. Who were they with?
But, we’re not quite like Heavenly Father. He has a physical body, we don’t. He’s also very wise, but we are totally innocent and aren’t nearly as wide as he.
In fact, Heavenly Father is calling us all go a meeting. Let’s go. Every one be as reverent as you can. Let’s go listen.
Wow look at us all! There’s billions of Heavenly fathers spirits here.
Heavenly Father told us that we needed to go away from him for a time in order to get a physical body and learn to choose the right. Heavenly Father told us he would provide a place where we could do these things.
But I didn’t hear where he said he was going to send us. Do any of you know where he was going to send us? To earth!
When we come to earth, we won’t remember heaven. And we’ll learn by making some mistakes and learn to choose the right. But we’ll need someone’s help to get back to Heavenly Father.
Who can help us get back? Can any of you? No, who is the only one who can help us to get back to Heavenly Father? (Jesus!)
Picture 2-3
Article of faith 1 says “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ.” Children’s songbook page 122
God asked who he should send.
Abraham 3:27 “Here am I, send me.”
Moses 4:2
“Father​, thy ​​​will be​ done, and the ​​​glory​ be thine forever.”
How can you tell that Jesus loved Heavenly Father? (He was willing to do what Heavenly Father wanted him to do.)
Whom else does Jesus love? (Us.)
Jesus Christ was willing to–
Come to earth to help us.
Testify of Heavenly Father.
Teach us the right way to live and be happy.
Show us what to do so we can live with Heavenly Father again.
Give his life for us.
Sing “I lived in heaven” children’s songbook page 4
Another spirit wanted to make us return to Heavenly Father: Satan. But he said we wouldn’t be free to choose the right for ourselves. He would force us to do the right and make us his
Make mistakes prevents us from coming back
Who can save us? Jesus!
Other presents plan- force us, take God’s glory
War in heaven
Which side did you choose?
Watch bible video?
And whose side will you choose now?
Travel slightly into future when children have choices to make
Child x accidentally hurt someone- what could they do to follow jesus?
If you follow jesus, how will you try to act in this class?
Child y got a gift. How will
Testimony: we followed jesus and cane to Earth to gain a body and learn to choose the right. Jesus loves each of us, that’s why he died for us. That’s what we try to remember each Sunday during sacrament meeting.
Thank Heavenly Father for Jesus. Try your best this week to follow him.

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