Technology and Perdition

< 1 minute read Why do we fight against integrating technology into the Church? Brother Cannon’s 1984 statement that “too much dependence on computers can cause a person to be less receptive to the promptings of the Spirit” is an almost humoristic example; how could technology possibly dampen my receptiveness to the Spirit? Perhaps if I ignore people, or […]

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Where's the Empirical Evidence for Open Source Superiority?

< 1 minute read Eric Raymond, in “The Cathedral and the Bazaar,” proclaims the wonders of open source development. But where is the evidence for its superiority? Where is the empirical evidence? Linux is successful, but closed source Windows and Macintosh are far more successful! Why has closed source software won in these two cases? Because most users don’t […]

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5 Keys for Being Well-Rounded

2 minute read The future will go to the great synthesizers: those who can combine two seemingly unrelated things and make something new of real value. For example: combining degree programs and breakfast cereals, swimming and chocolate pudding, or swivel chairs and skiing. But in order to become a great synthesizer, you need to first be well-rounded, a […]

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Wild West Style Stem Cell Therapy

< 1 minute read Doctors from Colorado have bypassed federal FDA regulations in administering stem cell therapy. The procedure involves no surgery, only extracting stem cells from a patient’s body, growing them in a culture, and reinserting them into the damaged area; and it has worked remarkably well. While experiments show stem cells heal dogs and horses in miraculous […]

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Video Game Testimonial

2 minute read With the headline “[Iowa State University] study proves conclusively that violent video game play makes more aggressive kids,” everyone above the age of 40 who has never played video games sits back in their chair and declares “I knew it.” I personally decided at age 17 to nearly completely wipe video games from my life, […]

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