Technology and Perdition

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Why do we fight against integrating technology into the Church? Brother Cannon’s 1984 statement that “too much dependence on computers can cause a person to be less receptive to the promptings of the Spirit” is an almost humoristic example; how could technology possibly dampen my receptiveness to the Spirit? Perhaps if I ignore people, or if I waste my time playing Minesweeper, technology could be a detriment. But, 36 years later, the Church is clearly dependent on computers, despite Brother Cannon. How could ward clerks fulfill their calling without computers today? They can’t. Brother Cannon’s statement simply appeased the Luddite Church members, of which I am, partially, one. Do you cringe with me when you see cell phones used in Church? Or how about iPhones used instead of scriptures? Maybe it’s a good idea but, deep down, we feel people are “cheating,” or not doing it the “proper” way. I’ve dreamt of having all my notes from Church on my computer, so I can organize them according to date, theme, or whatever. But I’ve resisted bringing my computer to Church because of that Luddite knee-jerk inside me. “Won’t I distract people if I’m typing away during Sacrament meeting?” Perhaps, but nowhere in scriptures does it say “all spiritual impressions must be written down on paper.” Nephi sure didn’t use paper, why do I feel I’m restricted to that? I say it’s the inner Luddite—better yet, Pharisee!—speaking.

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