Is this the face of a nerd?

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Computer Science is not just for nerds! Why do we all have that impression? Just look at my photo on the top of the screen —am I a nerd? (I hope you’re not hesitating, wondering how to respond.) Obviously not! During my first year at university, I was surprised to find a girl I knew from high school in my computer science class. She wasn’t a “Dungeon Master,” Ladder-Match Starcraft player, or even a ”techy,” but she did fine in the class. She often explained junk to me. Contrasting this, I did have some friends who had “Half-Life 2” t-shirts, PDAs (while they were still new and cool) and lived and breathed computers but couldn’t get their programming assignments done on time. They were the stereotypical nerds, yet showed that nerds really are no better at Computer Science than normal people. So why does this stereotype persist? For the same reason people think “frenchies” don’t bathe, blondes are air-headed, and college students are always brewing anarchy: ignorance and television.

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