Is Twitter dead?

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Twitter, the online phenomenon which was once growing at the fabulous rate of 900% per year, has seemingly reached a peak of popularity and hasn’t surpassed its July 2009 highs. What happened? Is it already old technology, obsolete and destined to become junk in a landfill somewhere? Don’t jump to that conclusion just yet. I personally still have never used Twitter, but I can see why it would be useful. I don’t care about bits of “cool,” but useless, information (like what Miley Cyrus had for breakfast). If, however, I were investing and wanted to subscribe to Warren Buffet’s latest tweets on the stock market, I would be happy to use Twitter. It won’t have the social impact the printing press had, but it has its place. Twitter has experienced what is often described as the “Peak of Popularity,” (when we were tempted to use it just because it was “cool”) and is now in its “Slough of Disillusionment,” (we’re realizing it won’t bring world peace) and will soon reach the “Plateau of Productivity” (we’ll keep using it because it’s useful). So no, I don’t think Twitter has actually died. It just got stuck in a grocery store and is flapping around in circles crazily, but will eventually be shooed out the doors by staff, and all will be well.

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