< 1 minute read I’ve made these croissants a couple times: The first time they didn’t rise at all because I used the wrong type of yeast (instant quick rise, which only rises once; whereas “active” yeast can rise repeatedly and is what you want here). The second time I skipped letting it rise overnight and they weren’t […]

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Korean Tacos

< 1 minute read Yum! I haven’t eaten Korean food in probably half a decade, so this was a real treat for me. It felt like the tastiest dish I’ve had in years. I merged the recipe from the Korean Taco dinner kit from the Great Canadian Superstore with this recipe online. I also added some green onions as […]

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Pastel de Tres Leches

< 1 minute read In Arequipa Peru a decade ago I had the best ever Pastel de Trea Leches. This recipe is the closest I’ve gotten to recreating it: I did find there was about double the amount of liquid needed though, and I should have been way more liberal with poking the cake before adding it (like […]

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Pad Thai

< 1 minute read I’ve more-or-less done this recipe a couple times and I’ve been surprised how much it tastes like restaurant-made Pad Thai. I think it’s the combo of rice noodles, fish sauce, soy sauce, a bit of ketchup, garlic, green onions, an egg or two mixed right into the sauce, and some crushed peanuts that delivers […]

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Homemade Pesto and pasta recipe

< 1 minute read Today we made some awesome homemade fettuccine and pesto for my moms birthday. The pasta was just 4 eggs and 3 cups of flour (half whole-wheat flour). Then I used a pasta machine to turn the dough into pasta. I added lots of salt (like two tablespoons or so) to the water I boiled it […]

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Easy Soft Bread

< 1 minute read I’ve used this recipe a couple times and it’s been pretty good. I certainly delivers on being soft. I add some sourdough starter though (like half a cup, so I removed half a cup of flour and water). Also: 180 C is about 350 F (I DuckDuckGo that every time I bake it). Also […]

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Homemade tortellinis or raviolis

< 1 minute read My mom remembered making raviolis with her great aunt or something, so today for Mother’s Day we made raviolis with her. One important to success I’m learning: don’t try to keep with more than 1 helper (kid) at a time. They start to squabble over who does what. And certainly don’t ask one to help […]

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