Troubleshooting iPhone App Communication with Fiddler

2 minute read While troubleshooting an iPhone app, it’s sometimes helpful to see exactly what HTTP requests its sending. Enabling Fiddler to View iPhone HTTP Traffic I managed to do that with Fiddler by following these steps: I found my laptop’s IP by doing this: Click on the Start menu and type cmd. When you see the […]

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Gratitude Journal, May 2018

4 minute read Things I’m grateful for. Amanda (again) I find being a father very fulfilling and satisfying, and so I need to repeat that I’m grateful for my wife Amanda. Before going through the roller coaster of parenthood (which I realize is still starting), I thought the sacrifice of mothers mostly focused on labour and giving birth. […]

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Line Ending Troubles with Git, a Virtual Machine, and Windows

4 minute read This is some technical stuff I learned today using Git, VVV with a Linux virtual machine, and Windows. I recently started getting these annoying messages again whenever I’d commit anything using Git: warning: LF will be replaced by CRLF in payment_methods/Paypal_Standard/help_tabs/payment_methods_overview_paypalstandard.help_tab.php. The file will have its original line endings in your working directory. I had […]

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I'm 1000th part Mi'kmaq!

< 1 minute read I stumbled on an interesting relation this last week: I’m about 1000th part Mi’kmaq! (Assuming the information in‘s family tree is correct). My 10th-great-grandfather, on Mom’s side, is Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac, whose picture is attached. Here’s the wikipedia article about his dad: They both lived around Acadia, present day Nova Scotia. […]

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