I'm 1000th part Mi'kmaq!

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I stumbled on an interesting relation this last week: I’m about 1000th part Mi’kmaq!
(Assuming the information in familysearch.org‘s family tree is correct). My 10th-great-grandfather, on Mom’s side, is Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac, whose picture is attached. Here’s the wikipedia article about his dad: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Membertou.
They both lived around Acadia, present day Nova Scotia. Henri Louis’ daughter, Marguerite-Louise, married an Acadian, and their daughter Antoinette moved to the north of France.
I discovered this while using a site called relativefinder.com and was looking at how I was related to a local friend. Here’s the printout of how I’m related to that friend (Jayden Kutanzi), and more importantly it shows how I’m related to Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac.
I really wish I had known this when studying social studies in high school!

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  1. Interesting. My husband recently found out that Grand Chief Henri Membertou was his 10th generation grandfather. What a small world.

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