I'm 1000th part Mi'kmaq!

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I stumbled on an interesting relation this last week: I’m about 1000th part Mi’kmaq!
(Assuming the information in familysearch.org‘s family tree is correct). My 10th-great-grandfather, on Mom’s side, is Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac, whose picture is attached. Here’s the wikipedia article about his dad: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Membertou.
They both lived around Acadia, present day Nova Scotia. Henri Louis’ daughter, Marguerite-Louise, married an Acadian, and their daughter Antoinette moved to the north of France.
I discovered this while using a site called relativefinder.com and was looking at how I was related to a local friend. Here’s the printout of how I’m related to that friend (Jayden Kutanzi), and more importantly it shows how I’m related to Chief Henri Louis Membertou Kagigoniac.
I really wish I had known this when studying social studies in high school!

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Just found your site searching this very topic. I recently have been entering info on ancestry.com. My grandmother used to tell us that we were Mi’kmaq decendants. We may be connected as well. Chief Membertou was supposedly my 11th Great Grandfather. It is hard to verify family tree, but we do have a genealogy published book that was well researched on her surname, Cassard. Would love to find out more!

    1. Then hello cousin! Although my actual cousin privately brought up to me that him and another cousin of ours are doubtful this is true. It seems if you go back far enough in family trees you start to get a lot of different opinions and conflicting data. So I’m going to leave it at “according to some sources, I’m 1000th part Mi’kmaq”.
      Anyway, best wishes with your research!

      1. Yes, I have also had some doubts too, but my 10th great grandfather Charles de Latour, did marry a Mimaq woman according to our family book published by a distant cousin of ours. My grandmother helped with this research and I have a lot of letters and other family memorabilia that have helped me build my family tree on ancestry.com. The book is called The Cassard Family of Baltimore and New Orleans and is sold on amazon. Anyways, some great history if we are indeed related. Take care!

  2. Hi. My name is Nicole Gallant-Nunes. I’m hoping to help out a bit here. I’m a professional genealogist who specializes in Acadian ancestry. Renowned Acadian genealogist Mr. Stephen White makes no connections between the Acadians and the Membertou line in his Dictionnaire. When it comes to the children of Charles and his Indigenous wife, they had 3 known children: Jeanne, married to Martin d’Aprenestiguy de Martignon, an unnamed daughter who took religious orders and a daughter Antoinette, who also took religious orders in 1646. There is no mention of a marriage or children born to her.

    1. Oh cool, thanks. Yeah, so the data my claim is based on sounds like it’s likely incorrect.

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