Gratitude Journal June 2018

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Stuff I’m grateful for that comes to mind in June.


Danielle is five but is really quite mature. She tries her very best to be helpful and patient.
When she was three we did the “marshmellow test” on her (placed a marshmellow in front of her, told her she could eat it, or wait a few minutes and then be able to eat two), and she very patiently waited it out (she did play with the marshmellow wantingly though).
She’s really quite helpful with her two-year old tyrant sister Celeste. She’ll read stories to Celeste while she’s trying to use the potty (despite the fact Celeste often will be slapping her during the story), will play games with Celeste (they often get into confrontations, of course, over toys too), and she has learned to try to persuade her sister to do good too (rather than always just resorting to yelling about it first).
Of course, I’m writing all this, I’ve been trying to get them to stay in bed for just over an hour… (Celeste just recently moved into her sister’s bunk bed, and her awesome 7:15pm-8am sleep schedule has basically turned into 9:30pm-7:00am… ie, there’s over an extra two hours of “please go to sleep” every night, and an extra hour of “go back to bed…” but I believe it will get better soon). But Danielle is at least trying her best to be a good helper.
…And actually I’m pretty cranky right now so that’s it for now.

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