Gratitude Journal August 2018

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This is just going to be short… I suppose that means I’m not thinking very much about what I’m grateful for… here, I’ll do it as a “listicle” (list-article, a new word I learned).

  • Celeste was mostly successfully toilet trained last weekend. It was actually a pretty good experience for us. I just stayed home with her for 3 days, and tried to get her to use the potty everytime. We drank tons of juice and played lots. I wrote a blog post on it (it’s protected, but you can ask me directly for the password, I just don’t think she’d like it to be public in 10 years)
  • Amanda got a bonus from work, and so we should be able to pay off our mortgage. While we have our share of troubles, making ends meet, for now, isn’t one of them!
  • Oh! I don’t think I mentioned “Munchy #3” last month! We’re expecting a 3rd little one in January. Still not sure of the gender. But it feels like probably one of the most important things I can do in my life is create another one (as well as help raise them and direct them)
  • air conditioning. It’s been really, really hot these last two weeks. We just have air conditioning in our bedroom, but it’s nice at least having one room that’s cool.


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