Gratitude Journal September 2018

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  • Listicles! I can chop out unnecessary introductory fluff and just jump right into the near of what I want to say!
  • Having a fun lesson with my Sunday School kids today
  • Fantastic trip with Amanda to the Vancouver Temple. It’s a peaceful spot and I think going does help me remember the big picture of life a bit more
  • While catching the ferry in both directions, the “Lady in the Tower” was very kind to us. We made a reservation going to Vancouver, but were technically 2 minutes late to make use of it (we needed to be at the terminal 30 minutes early, but were actually there 28 minutes early). The attendant said “She hasn’t cut it off yet, so you’re good!” And on the way back, we drove onto the ferry just 4 minutes it was scheduled to leave. I had heard they stop boarding 5 minutes before, and indeed, they had closed the gate, but reopened it for us and a half dozen more cars.
  • Amanda’s sister Samantha who babysat for us for about 26 hours straight. Phew!

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