Gratitude Journal July 2019

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Things that come to mind.

Parksville Trip

The cover photo is from our recent trip to parksville. Great beach (with unreal tide that goes out for almost a kilometer), great playground for kids, food trucks, fun center, paddle boarding and Chinese all you can eat, etc. All in walking distance from the hotel. Just great.


Often I complain that because we live in an island, it’s more inconvenient and expensive to travel almost anywhere because you need to take a ferry. But the ferries are also like a short cruise. They seem like Alaskan cruises (some of the ferry routes even have an all-you-can-eat). So on the other hand, taking the ferries is great.


Skipping meals isn’t directly enjoyable, I’m not that ascetic. But I really have felt a bit more connected with heaven when I’ve taken the time I’d usually take preparing and consuming and cleaning up to instead reflect on life, read from the scriptures, and pray for direction. Just this last week I fasted and had an idea on how to help our house sell (which Amanda coincidentally also had): print a small map showing local amenities (mostly beach access) and leave it for the folks who viewed our house. They took it and indeed made an offer. So it seems to have worked! You might want to also read my fasting post.

Our Realtor

Speaking of selling our house, it’s been nice having our realtor Don McClintock. He’s not like an angel or anything, but he’s had good advice with regards to negotiating and making offers. Yes, if you look at the total cost of a realtor, they’re expensive. But if they help you get just 3% more for your house (which is quite likely, seeing how prices fluctuate by like 20%) they’re worth it. Plus having someone help us avoid fraud or important legal mistakes is great.

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  1. Hi Nelson, I like your word cruise, for the ferries. Parksville is a great place for a vacation. It sounds like you are moving, and likely a good move. I hope all continues to go well:)

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