Outsourcing the Church

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In my home city of Victoria, there was a government-owned, poorly managed ferry service which was recently made public. It was sold to some company which made major overhauls, not all of which were welcome, but which caused it to be managed far more efficiently. As a result, it is no longer a public liability and is actually profitable. The LDS Church seems to be making some similar changes. I recently heard that the Book of Mormon is now to be published by a private company and the Church’s Personal Ancestral File (PAF) genealogical management program is being phased out by a private program called Roots Magic. Is this wrong? Should private companies be allowed to profit from religious endeavors (like scripture reading and family history research)? If the work can be done more efficiently by a private company, and thereby occupy fewer tithing-funds, why not outsource? Economics teaches us that generally private companies are more efficient than public ones (the Church being compared to the government) but that they’re also less responsible. As long as the Church is able to oversee these private companies I think the principle of outsourcing can be just as advantageous to the Church’s progress as to any government organization.

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