5 Keys for Being Well-Rounded

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The future will go to the great synthesizers: those who can combine two seemingly unrelated things and make something new of real value. For example: combining degree programs and breakfast cereals, swimming and chocolate pudding, or swivel chairs and skiing. But in order to become a great synthesizer, you need to first be well-rounded, a skill which is taught only indirectly at best. In the spirit of professionalism, I have found the following 5 things have successfully turned me into a well-rounded individual:
1. When you get exercise, turn the TV onto a random channel and watch it, regardless of whether you like it or not. Even though this may not teach you about real life (e.g.: you could coincidentally tune into The Cosby Show, which teaches you nothing about real Afro-American life, or Die Hard: Or Live Free which teaches you very little about how to safely drive a truck down an elevator shaft), this exercise has nonetheless proven beneficial in my life.
2. Periodically, learn more what it’s like to not be well-rounded. E.g.: Do homework all day every Saturday. You will learn to become amused at incredibly small things, like billboards and jingles, and have more self-control.
3. Sit somewhere new in class every day and meet the people you sit next to. Not only is doing things in different ways incredibly stimulating to your brain (my brother demonstrated this by opening the door backwards, which he claimed somehow made him smarter,) but you’ll learn about lots of different people. Although you, a granny, and punk-rocker all live in the same neighborhood, all three of you effectively in live dramatically different worlds.
4. Be a nerd. It doesn’t matter what type, but be a good nerd. You could be a movie-nerd, a football nerd, a punctuation nerd. Nerds diversify society, and provide comical relief. Imagine life without nerds: World Of Warcraft nerds, Pride and Prejudice nerds, and CPU-optimization nerds! You owe it to yourself and society to be a nerd.
5. Write in your journal and ask yourself “Was that a waste?” This will help you to reflect and prevent wasting years of your life towards useless pursuits.
I hope these five principles help you become as well-rounded as they have me, and thus help you too to become a great synthesizer.

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