The iPad: So Easy a 2.5-Year-Old Can Use It

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The iPad is just a big iPod, right? And yet it’s the way of the future. As I write this, I keep getting this nagging feeling, saying “You dinosaur! Look at you with your mouse, keyboard, and clunky laptop… get with the program! Get an iPad!” Why is this so? The iPad’s interface is incredibly intuitive, as this 2.5-year-old demonstrates.
It will be great for typing when you don’t want the noisy keyboard-chatter. It can simultaneously be your textbook and notebook. Artists will use it for sketching. You can watch movies on it on road trips, and use the Internet and email comfortably on this Goldilocks-sized device. But does the iPad have its killer app? To be honest: I haven’t seen one yet and am personally unconvinced I need an iPad for now. But with the open-market app store the possibilities are limitless, and many killer apps are surely on the way; in 5 years expect to throw your laptops, books and GPSs with the rest of your junk and use the iPad for everything.

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