Dishwashers? Where we're going we don't need dishwashers

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Clearly, using a dishwasher and putting dishes away is too difficult for most college students. The best technologies, like good friends, accept you for who you are and work with that. I don’t want to get up and put dishes into the dishwasher, don’t have enough dishes to merit another wash-cycle, and don’t want to then arrange dishes in my cupboard. When was the last breakthrough in dishwashing technology? Since the dishwasher, there have been none. Are you ready for the next generation of dishwashing technology? Take a breath. Here it is: self-washing dishes that you don’t want to put away (SWDTYDWTPA, or Swda for short). Each dish: cleans itself by emitting soapy-steam through microscopic pores when it detects disuse; is a piece of artwork, like a painting, you want to display instead of hiding in a cupboard; and is magnetized for easy placement on your corresponding magnetized wall and furniture. So imagine it: you’re watching Die Hard 4, and eating a microwave dinner on your Swda. Unfortunately, your meal and the movie don’t end at the same time. So instead of being unnecessarily inconvenienced by putting your Swda away, you simply throw the Swda against the wall, it magnetizes and sticks, cleans itself by emitting the soapy vapor through its pores, and then your buddies come over, see it, and say “No way! You got the Kobe Bryant Swda! That’s the coolest one!” A new age of dishwashing is upon us.

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