Gratitude Journal February 2020

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Saturday’s I end up usually digging around our property:

  • Holes for planting blueberry bushes in
  • Holes for planting mulberry trees in
  • Holes for fence posts
  • Digging out invasive blackberries
  • Digging up compost and putting it into the garden
  • Digging up pine needles

I really rather enjoy something monotonous and physical after coding and looking after kids all day.

The first few fence posts I put in.

Remote Work

For the past 7 years I’ve been able to work from home with Event Espresso and Pacific Rim. I’ve made a good income, had very flexible hours (clock in as early and as late as I wanted for as long as I wanted) and collaborate with folks from around the world. What’s been especially nice is that I’ve been able to be around for so much of our 3 little girls growing up.

Calm Story Time

Usually, bedtime story time is actually not calm. Usually Elise is having a meltdown wanting to nurse. But sometimes she finds something to play with while the rest of us read:

  • Harry Potter
  • The Friend
  • Book of Mormon Stories
  • I am Pusheen
  • Any stories Danielle brings back from school on library days


Magformers are a toy a bit like LEGO: they’re mostly just basic shapes like triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons that stick together with magnets. It sounds pretty basic, but it’s really interesting exploring shapes and their relationships.

Five squares and five equilateral triangles fit perfectly around a pentagon to make a flying-saucer-like shape.

Gum Boots

Given how much rain we’ve had recently, and how much the pigs enjoying tearing up the ground, gum boots are not only a fashion statement around the farm, but are also handy.

My new insulated gum boots. A 34rd birthday present from my dad. (Well, he gave me the money, Amanda found them.)

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