Treasure Hunt for the “Key of Knowledge”

2 minute read

Danielle, Celeste and I got out of Amanda and Elise’s hair for a bit yesterday to go on a “treasure hunt”.

Previously, just Celeste and I went for a walk in the foresty trail next to Danielle’s school and I took note of the interesting landmarks I could use for a treasure hunt. Then I drew the following map based on it:

Treasure map to “the key of knowledge”

So I drove the kids to the trail’s entrance opposite Danielle’s school (so she wouldn’t know it led to her school) and gave her the map and let her loose.

First she found the gate…

And the big reveal at the end was, of course, that the “giant key of knowledge” was actually her school. She figured it out herself.

Anyways, we had a lot of fun with that. They were running between clues, and Danielle excitedly told me “Dad, this treasure map is real!”

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