Gratitude Journal March 2019

< 1 minute read Ok, gratitude listicle! Job at Event Espresso. I’ve been learning a lot over the years, been involved in interesting projects, had friendly coworkers, open-minded and humble bosses, given time to study, experiment and contribute to other open source projects. Family close by. Amanda’s parents are 8 minutes away, her sister Sam only 30 seconds away. […]

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The First Website I Ever Made

< 1 minute read Still exists! See I made it in 2001 to jump-start my career as a professional Starcraft maps maker… which obviously didn’t happen. I wonder if those hours playing Starcraft were of any value? Mostly probably not. Probably would have been better to spend it with family or studying. But I think I did learn […]

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Cresswell Drive Home Memory Dump

13 minute read My dad is selling the house he, and his kids, lived in for about 25 years. It’s the house he moved into a little after my parents divorced, where most of my siblings  spent the rest of their teenage years, and where Phil and I came on weekly. I have a lot of memories from […]

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