The First Website I Ever Made

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Still exists! See
I made it in 2001 to jump-start my career as a professional Starcraft maps maker… which obviously didn’t happen.
I wonder if those hours playing Starcraft were of any value? Mostly probably not. Probably would have been better to spend it with family or studying.
But I think I did learn a few things:

  • Really fast typing skills. You had to type fast when under attack to asking your teammate to help
  • A little programming skills. Starcraft’s maps feature “triggers”, which was a simple user interface to make things happen on the maps during play. There were the basics of “if-else” statements, “for” loops, and events
  • Ingrained sense of game theory. In the game, each type of soldier is strong against certain enemies, and weak against others. I think this applies quite a bit to real life. Eg, some investments have higher potential return, but also higher risk.
  • My favourite map from that website was either my “Covert Ops” one, where each player is part of a swat team with different abilities, requiring lots of team work; or “”Night of the Living Dead”, where all players team up to defend their city against waves of “zombies”, which was simpler but I think it captured the essence of a mass-zombie attack game pretty well, considering the graphics were all standard Starcraft (ie, the “zombies” still looked like astronaut soldiers and aliens).
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