Take Shame in your Work, Not Pride

5 minute read I used to take pride in my work, especially building software, but I’m learning that’s actually a problem. Building something great can actually get in the way of doing something great. Before I explain, here’s a couple examples. You Heard of the $400 Squeezing Machine, Right? If not, this is the summary: a Silicon Valley […]

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Introducing printmy.blog

3 minute read I finally created a new site dedicated to my WordPress plugin Print My Blog: printmy.blog Important: if you’d like to continue following development of Print My Blog, please subscribe to the mailing list. Thanks! All posts about Print My Blog transparency reports and tutorials will be on that site going forward; this site will still […]

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Gratitude Journal February 2020

2 minute read Digging Saturday’s I end up usually digging around our property: Holes for planting blueberry bushes in Holes for planting mulberry trees in Holes for fence posts Digging out invasive blackberries Digging up compost and putting it into the garden Digging up pine needles I really rather enjoy something monotonous and physical after coding and looking […]

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The Spiritual Creation of Software

4 minute read Disclaimer: this cross-section of theology and software development will be weird to most people. Too bad, it’s my blog 😛. Spiritual Creation A scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints reads For I, the Lord God, created all things, of which I have spoken, spiritually, before they were naturally upon the face […]

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How To Profile PHP Applications with Xdebug, Laragon, and Q Cache Grind

7 minute read When trying to speed up your PHP web applications, it sure helps to know where the bottle necks are. That’s where Xdebug and Q Cache Grind can help: they can tell you which functions and class methods are taking up the most time and memory, how many times they’re called, and who called them. With this information, it’s far easier to speed up your code than “shooting in the dark” by just trying to optimize everything.

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