Argentinian Empanadas

< 1 minute read This week’s universal Yums box focused on South America, so I decided to try something South American for dinner. I don’t know a lot of South American food, except ceviche, chimichurri, and empanadas. So I tried the last one. I based it off this recipe: The filling was a bit bland for me, so […]

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Korean Lettuce Wraps (“Bulgogi”)

< 1 minute read This was recommended to me as a way to use up kimchi. It’s very similar to Korean tacos, but the flavor reminded me more of a Korean bbq. Here’s the recipe: I adjusted a little: Replaced “gochujang” with Thai red chili paste (it sounds like the same thing) Doubled the recipe to feed a […]

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Mike’s Zucchini Soup

2 minute read An original recipe of mine for using up zuchinnis which was a pretty big hit. What makes this recipe shine? The mirepoix gives a solid flavour base. Cream is what makes restaurant food better than yours. It has plenty of garlic. And the little bit of goat cheese gives it a fresh tang. No need […]

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Poolish Pizza

< 1 minute read It’s this kinda fermented pizza dough. It smells unreasonably good, but it takes quite a lot of foresight (like a day of a half). But here’s the recipe: The gist: Make the poolish – mix 300g water and 300g flour with 0.6g dried yeast in a large mixing bowl. Leave it somewhere warm for […]

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