June 9th Thoughts from Church

2 minute read Just sharing some of my thoughts I had at Church today. Charity isn’t Just Doing a Few Nice Things Parker Schmidt has a companion with whom he didn’t get along very well. So he tried to be charitable. He cooked him breakfast, ironed his shirts, did lots of nice things. But it didn’t seem to […]

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May 2019 Gratitude Journal

1 minute read List of stuff I’m grateful for, in no particular order: Although baby Elise has been getting up a lot at nighttime for the last week or two (like about every hour and a half), I feel surprisingly functional. (Yesterday was possibly an exception, after she did that and was then awake from 5-7 and refusing […]

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Me: Self Hosted!

1 minute read I finally made the move from WordPress.com to becoming self-hosted. I was able to bring all my old posts, pages, categories and tags, images and other media, and even subscribers. So if you were subscribed to my .com blog before, you’re now automatically subscribed to this new self-hosted one. I have yet to pretty it […]

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