My 1/3 of a hundred birthday

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Yesterday I turned 33. I have to write it down otherwise I forget!
Special things that happened:

  • The night before, my brother Phil and I played StarCraft 2 for an hour. We were the slobbering aliens attacking humans
  • Finished watching “Ant man and the wasp” with Amanda too. We enjoyed when they gave one guy the truth serum but still couldn’t get a straight answer out of him because he was so chatty
  • Got 3am baby snuggles
  • Had panda puff breakfast with all 3 daughters (Amanda slept a few minutes more)
  • Got babysitting from grandma Chantal (her and Celeste went to the community centre and “toonie tots”
  • Grandma Chantal brought Mariner pizza for lunch
  • Coincidentally, a blog post of mine got put in a WordPress newsletter which was sent out yesterday. Normally my blog gets about 4 visits a day, but yesterday I got almost 200. (Its a slightly controversial topic on which I still have mixed feelings).
  • Amanda’s parents and sister came over for dinner. Naturally we again had pizza! (Sarpino’s: deluxe, Philly cheesesteak, Hawaiian with bacon)
  • My birthday cake was a Dairy Queen dessert pizza
  • I got tons of protein shake and chocolate for my birthday
  • Amanda got me a super mario t shirt (we saw it 6 months ago at a store but it wasn’t in my size so she tracked it down at another one
  • Amanda also got me a playmobil space shuttle for the girls and I to play with. I told Amanda about it also 6 months ago at a store but we didn’t get it. Next time we went it was gone… it turned out the person who got it was Amanda when she drove by with her sister! We got the corresponding booster rockets at Christmas
  • Danielle made me a card and small book about her as a pizza and Celeste as a castle.
  • At night I spent 20 minutes on my hobby plugin

Playmobil rocket and space shuttle

Dessert pizza

Danielle’s book of her as a pizza and Celeste as a castle

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