Gratitude Journal October 2021

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General Conference (a.k.a. Pyjamas Church)

I know I’ve mentioned it plenty before, but the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is always a happy time. Of course getting kids to be still (or at least quiet) for five two-hour sessions of church-from-home isn’t always easy. But there are always happy moments listening to church leaders while the girls color or otherwise mill about.

Power Butterfly

I’m pretty sure this intense masterpiece was Celeste’s.

Mountain Burger

Swiss Alps Burger at Mrs Riches in Nanaimo

Mrs. Ritches restaurant in Nanaimo is home of the biggest burger I’ve seen: the Mountain Burger. Also the second largest: the Swiss Alps Burger. I shared that with all three girls for a meal. Good times!

Parksville Outing Again

Elise got a push from Grandma Rose on this zip line-chair-thing at the playground in Parksville.

Again we went up to Parksville with Amanda’s parents. The trip’s pretty predictable, but infrequent enough (especially for the younger family members) to be enjoyable.

Cathedral Grove, with this massive tree, is about a 30 minute drive from Parksville. Not a long walk at all, which suited our attention spans.


Celeste just loves dressing herself and her little sister up and dancing. Good times!

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