Handling Polluted JSON in AJAX

5 minute read The bane of all Javascript code using jQuery.ajax() is polluted JSON responses: when some HTML or other junk gets into your JSON response, making it unparsable and bringing the whole system to a screeching halt. In this post, I’ll show what you can do with polluted JSON to keep everything working. How It’s Supposed to […]

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How I Got All A's on webpagetest.org

2 minute read I heard about webpagetest.org during my most recent WordCamp. It’s a service for analyzing your website’s performance. From what I can tell, it’s completely supported by sponsors, so it’s free to use. I ran my WordPress meetup’s site (which, obviously, runs on WordPress) through its analysis, and initially got C grades or so. Not fabulous. […]

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How to Make Horrible Software Comparisons

3 minute read Software comparison articles can be helpful, but most are horrible. They should educate, compare, and recommend. But usually, they’re just filler words that convey no actual meaning. Here are some common mistakes of horrible software comparisons… Universally Picking a Winner It’s ridiculous to pick a universal winner. Eg, if you’re comparing Event Espresso to EventBrite, […]

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URL Validation in WordPress

3 minute read If your WordPress website/theme/plugin allows users to submit URLs, and you’re not sanitizing them properly, you could have a whole host of security problems. On the flipside, if you’re removing too much, you might not be allowing valid URLs either. This issue is pretty complex, and there’s quite a bit of confusion surrounding it, but […]

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Let's Decentralize Git Again

2 minute read Doesn’t anybody else find it strange nearly all open source code is distributed on a closed-source website, GitHub, owned by Microsoft? That’s a bit like all the world’s charitable organizations being ran by a for-profit mega corporation. As I understand it, Git’s big differentiating feature from Subversion, the big version-control system that preceded it, was […]

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Which Way Do Your Slashes Face in PHP?

4 minute read When writing out filepaths and URLs, should you use forward slashes / or backslashes \? Windows expects one, whereas Unix-style operating systems (Linux and Mac OSs, primarily) expect another. PHP has two built-in solutions, but both have problems, especially if you’re working with WordPress. Backstory At work, I’ve recently had some trouble getting my linux […]

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Penpals Explanation of PHP/cURL/openSSL/TLS/SSL/PayPal Handshake Issues

5 minute read Today I spent a few hours wrapping my head around an issue where some websites weren’t able to connect properly to PayPal.com. I found it pretty tricky to understand because it involved quite a few technologies and programs: PHP: a programming language, and a program to interpret lines of code written in that programming language […]

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