Me: Self Hosted!

< 1 minute read I finally made the move from to becoming self-hosted. I was able to bring all my old posts, pages, categories and tags, images and other media, and even subscribers. So if you were subscribed to my .com blog before, you’re now automatically subscribed to this new self-hosted one. I have yet to pretty it […]

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Meeting with WordPress Professionals

< 1 minute read At a cafe, I met up with some local folks making their living building sites with WordPress. For me it was especially good getting a bit of a reality check, and hear what was important to them. Besides having a good time socializing (which most of us admitted we rarely do, especially on topics related […]

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The Digital Dark Age & Your Blog

5 minute read We are living in the digital dark age. Wikipedia says: the digital dark age is a lack of historical information in the digital age as a direct result of outdated file formats, software, or hardware that becomes corrupt, scarce, or inaccessible as technologies evolve and data decays. Another way to say that: did you think […]

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