Our favourite textures

< 1 minute read Today Amanda and I had an interesting discussion I thought merited recording: what are our favourite feeling textures? Here’s the results… Amanda slightly oily scrambled egg (in her mouth, not hands) melting ice Mike Baby cheeks 90s slightly grippy, computer keyboards Nintendo 64 controller The meshy padding at the bottom of some backpacks Don’t Like […]

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WordCamp Vancouver 2018 Memory Dump

9 minute read Absolutely everything I can remember from my WordCamp experience this year. Feel free to just skip to the sections that interest you… (And thanks Esther for the photo of Scott, myself, and Jason on the ferry!) Preparation I sent a message out to my WordPress meetup and “WordPress professionals” group asking if anyone wanted to […]

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Cresswell Drive Home Memory Dump

13 minute read My dad is selling the house he, and his kids, lived in for about 25 years. It’s the house he moved into a little after my parents divorced, where most of my siblings  spent the rest of their teenage years, and where Phil and I came on weekly. I have a lot of memories from […]

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