Print My Blog Transparency Reports – November 2018 to March 2019

5 minute read I used to make my transparency on plugin development reports right in Open Collective, but I really prefer to keep them on my blog, like I outlined last time. So here’s all my old reports compounded into one blog post. Reports From Open Collective 1.6.3, updated description, and comments feedback published on March 29, […]

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Handling Polluted JSON in AJAX

5 minute read The bane of all Javascript code using jQuery.ajax() is polluted JSON responses: when some HTML or other junk gets into your JSON response, making it unparsable and bringing the whole system to a screeching halt. In this post, I’ll show what you can do with polluted JSON to keep everything working. How It’s Supposed to […]

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How I Got All A's on

2 minute read I heard about during my most recent WordCamp. It’s a service for analyzing your website’s performance. From what I can tell, it’s completely supported by sponsors, so it’s free to use. I ran my WordPress meetup’s site (which, obviously, runs on WordPress) through its analysis, and initially got C grades or so. Not fabulous. […]

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Gratitude Journal February 2019

2 minute read New baby Elise. She arrived just over two weeks ago. She had a bit of jaundice, but is doing well now. Healthy little baby! I’m currently enjoying a baby snuggle while typing this out Midwives Jane and Talia. It was really nice to have them checking in and taking care of her. They’ve done a […]

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