KICKOFF of FBAdvancedSearch FB/Kynetx App

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So the next string of posts will be relating to my creation of a FB/Kynetx App tentatively called “Advanced Search.” With it, users will be able to search through facebook photos, wall posts, and whatever else. It will primarily be a facebook app. I want practice using facebook-connect though, so it will also be a regular webpage which uses facebook-connect. Also, it would be cool if it integrates directly into the user’s facebook page etc, so for that I will use Kynetx.
The first thing I need to do is make a plan of how to use this. And actually, the very first thing was to create a blog to track my progress, and provide a type of how-to manual for others.

1. Get webhosting. The webhost must not add a banner on the top of the page (by editing the html on the page), as this will interfere with rendering of the Facebook app (it’s acceptable for a webpage using facebook-connect, but not for a facebook app). I want the webhost to be able to run PHP (in order to use Facebook’s PHP SDK), and MySQL (I’m actually not certain what I’ll need a database for, but it’s a good assumption that most webapps will need one). I want a webhost that’s preferably free, because I won’t initially be profiting off this, nor do I expect a huge number of users initially.
2. Register as a Facebook App using the Facebook Developer Application
3. Get the PHP SDK and install it. If the webhost has allowed my PHP to write to a file, installation of the SDK is easy. If not, I may need to manually enter my FB Developer id and key etc, and do some other configuration manually.
4. Test FBML works right. Try rendering one page with some fbml in it within the facebook frame
5. Create the “appserver”. The appserver will be a set of ursl (endpoints) which I or others can send requests to, and which will return certain data in json format This is also the part that will usually be making requests via FQL or Facebook’s API.
6. Create the FB-app pages. Create these pages using FBML, and utilizing my appserver’s endpoints.
7. Also, create the Facebook-connect site which also uses the appserver
8. Lastly, create the kynetx app to add some HTML to the users’ regular FB pages which interfaces with my “Advanced Search” app
9. Register as a facebook app (this will allow users to search for my app).
10. Test it with friends etc.
11. Monetize: either through advertisements on the page, charing users who use the app very often, or simply advertising myself as a facebook developer for hire, etc.
12. Read a book on how to market it and make it popular. This may require refactoring.
13. Bug-fixes/improvements. Respond to user feedback and bug-reports, and make necessary changes.

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