Why I Blog

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Why do I bother writing down my experiences, opinions, and things I’ve learned? Here’s some thoughts:

Share Knowledge

It always bugs me when there is “common knowledge” that isn’t available online. When you know something and its not available online, you’re forcing everyone else to relearn it the hard way. Sharing it with others just seems socially responsible.
And actually, sometimes the person I’m sharing the knowledge with is “future me”, as I easily forget.

4 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. Hi, Mike – You have listed great reasons to blog. Although I was unaware of it when I began blogging, my biggest benefit to writing online has been ‘Connection’ and ‘Community.’ These features are what have kept me motivated and inspired to continue to blog.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Donna. I suppose you could alternatively use Facebook or Instagram to get those benefits, but I suppose they’d be more “closed-door”. Your posts would be quite limited to just users of those platforms, whereas in blogging potentially anyone online could participate.

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