Cresswell Drive Home Memory Dump

13 minute read My dad is selling the house he, and his kids, lived in for about 25 years. It’s the house he moved into a little after my parents divorced, where most of my siblings  spent the rest of their teenage years, and where Phil and I came on weekly. I have a lot of memories from […]

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Gratitude Journal July 2018

4 minute read Going on vacation next week when my monthly reminder to do this will probably go off, so I figured I’d do this now. What am I grateful for now… let’s see… Good Experience Today in Sunday School with My Class of 5 Year Olds I’m co-teaching the 5 year olds at church for an hour […]

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Times I’ve Felt Really Happy

2 minute read At church I’m now called to team-teach Sunday school to the four year olds. (We’ll see how this goes! But I see they’re mostly really surprisingly good kids, and I’m mostly a big kid, and the other teacher is mature, so we should be fine). Part of the first lesson said to mention times I […]

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My Experience of Parenthood

8 minute read I’m not sure if I really knew what to expect before becoming a parent. I’m the youngest sibling, and didn’t have much experience with kids otherwise (I babysat once or twice). I mostly become a parent because Amanda and I mostly felt good about it, and were given the impression from church that it’s one of […]

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Meditation course notes 1

2 minute read Amanda and I are listening to “the great courses”, and the current course is “practicing mindfulness: an introduction to meditation”. I’m only 3 lectures into it, but here are my initial thoughts and notes: meditation is not what you think all religions use meditation to some degree (although Buddhism is certainly the most prevalent), but […]

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Humility thoughts

< 1 minute read Today at church, someone gave a talk about humility which got me thinking.Humility, at the type we are encouraged to have, is not timidity, lack of confidence, or false modesty. I think as a youth, I was shy, timid, and probably had a lack of confidence. I’m not sure how I became like that. Maybe […]

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Two kinds of Infinity

2 minute read At the recent WordCamp I attended, one of the speakers mentioned how when you’re working on your own website or software, you’re never “done.” There’s always some way to improve it (also, there’s always some new bug you never noticed before, and some integration that makes a change that breaks it.) And that sounds about […]

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